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Find out more about us here and discover why Real Tests Online .com aim to keep with the original spirit of the Internet and promote free tests.

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Test Technology

Site Technology

How Real Tests Online .com Came About


Specialized Information About Us Elsewhere on this Site

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Test Technology

As with the materials we use professionally with our psychometric assessment service, all our tests and measures meet the following criteria, in that they are:

  • Valid, i.e. they measure what they purport to measure.

  • Reliable, i.e. they are valid and produce consistent results over time.

  • Fair, i.e. they do not discriminate unfairly in terms of content, bias or procedure.

We follow good practice and methods in test construction and the guidelines of professional organizations, including The American Psychological Association (APA) and The British Psychological Society (BPS).

IBM SPSS provide the sophisticated statistical procedures we need.


Site Technology

Real Tests Online .com is produced and hosted entirely in-house.

We use several technologies and our own programming expertise to present the tests and their accompanying reports in real-time.

Our technology partners include IBM, Apple, Adobe and Embarcadero, among others.

Our parent site at www.pgagroup.com requires less sophistication – simply a straightforward, effective, business web presence.

We chose SiteSell SBI for our parent site, in part for their reliability as a host, though mainly for the excellent web business tools and support they provide (we also use those e-business building tools here at Real Tests Online .com).


How Real Tests Online .com Came About

A pioneering spirit of freedom and openness marked the early Internet. People were keen to publish information freely – they hoped others would find their stuff useful and interesting. And the Internet grew and blossomed to become the most exciting communication medium of all time – well, for now, anyway!

While individuals were keen to carry on receiving useful free stuff, many information providers and commercial companies wanted to cash in and make money. There is nothing wrong with that as such, and every business has to turn a profit to survive, after all. However, something of that pioneering spirit of the Internet started to die.

There are many interesting and useful sites freely available still. And many open and free resources are available too, like the free Firefox web browser from Mozilla.org, and the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Wikipedia, for example.

My personal belief is that it is good to ‘give something back’ at a certain point in your life and to allow others to benefit from the wealth of your accumulated knowledge and experience.

Real Tests Online .com is a project which aims to give something back and, in keeping with the original spirit of the Internet, is free, useful and interesting (hopefully!).

The project idea sprang from a simple desire – to help others develop and grow, using accessible, professional materials for support.

To illustrate a need, nearly every job candidate I have tested to date in my professional capacity as an occupational psychologist, wished they had been better prepared beforehand.

There are sites out there that feature practice psychometric tests. Individuals I have tested have reported many to be of mixed quality and of little real benefit in their experience. Some sites charge handsomely and again, few candidates I know have found them to be of particular value.

We have in development real psychometric practice tests and other relevant tests, including career development, vocational exploration, personal development, and stress management materials, for example.

Dedicated to Grace Ellen Gerstmann and Erich Peter Gerstmann, Real Tests Online .com launched with the Stress Health Risk Test on November 1, 2010. The most recent test is the Empathy Test, added on July 16, 2014. More tests are to follow.

I hope you have found this information about us to be interesting and useful. Feel free to contact us – we would love to hear your views and about your experience with this site.

Peter Gerstmann

Peter Gerstmann, Project Director, Real Tests Online .com

Peter is the Principal of PGA Group Consulting Psychologists (Real Tests Online .com Publisher).

Find out more about PGA Group and about Peter Gerstmann there.

Please tell others about Real Tests Online .com – thank you!


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