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Personality tests from Real Tests Online .com may let you discover more about yourself and others. Find out about motivations, needs, roles, likes and dislikes, and relationships in personal and work life.

Assertiveness Test
How effective are you standing up for yourself? This quick and easy free assertiveness personality test can reveal your current assertiveness level and what it means and also offers personalized guidance and advice for different situations at home and at work.

Empathy Test
Are you able to think intuitively about other people? Can you anticipate people’s wants, needs and behavior? Are you socially responsive, approachable and adaptable? This quick and easy free empathy personality test can reveal your current empathy level and what it means for your interpersonal relationships at home and at work.

Some personality tests can also be used for psychometric test practice. This may help you prepare for situations where psychometric tests are used to explore personality in depth, e.g. in an employment situation.

Psychometric tests may help you prepare for job interviews.

See our Advice, Particularly When Seeking A New Job Or Promotion At Work section below.


Personality Tests Currently in Development, A-Z

Personality tests currently in development or being planned are shown below. Please note that these are working titles and that actual test titles may change upon publication.

Sociability Test
In planning stage.

Tolerance Personality Test
In planning stage.

Information about tests and resources in development as well as news and updates concerning the Real Tests Online .com site can be found on the Site News page.


Advice, Particularly When Seeking A New Job Or Promotion At Work

Some of the personality tests here provide content you may wish to reflect upon to help improve your interpersonal effectiveness, particularly at work.

Be aware that if you are taking a personality profile as part of a psychometric test battery in an employment situation, that your [potential] employer will likely have material similar to our personality tests result content available when making hiring, promotion or other decisions about you.

Some tests here may look at your team style and the team roles you typically will play at work.

Your relations with your boss and coworkers may be covered also, as well as your satisfactions and dissatisfactions and your motivations concerning your working life.

In a job interview, you may be asked what are called ‘competency-based questions’ about your past for the purpose of probing in depth your abilities and style. These ‘competencies’ will be tailored to the nature of the job role and candidate’s specification in question.

The employer will likely want to probe the apparent ‘weaker’ aspects, or to satisfy themselves regarding the ‘positive’ aspects of your personality, attainments, knowledge and skills. Your job is to sell you on the ‘positives’ and to reduce the apparent risks associated with the ‘negatives.’ The material from some tests here may help you identify these ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ factors so as to be forearmed.

Therefore, as you read through your personality test results, you may wish to make a note of events from your past which you can choose to expand upon to reinforce the perceived ‘positives’ and mitigate against, or reduce the perceived ‘negatives’ when asked job interview questions such as, “Tell me about a time when your colleagues felt that you pursued a course of action without taking their views properly into account?”

Show them your positive attributes by all means but reduce the potential risks of hiring you which may already be present in their mind.

If you find it difficult to detach yourself sufficiently in order to identify what others may see as ‘positive’ or ‘negative,’ you may wish to discuss your personality test results with a trusted friend or other person who knows you well and who does not have some ‘axe to grind’ with you. Think carefully before choosing those in whom you will place this trust.

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