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This site map points to the Real Tests Online .com core site pages and to all current tests and resources.

(For a list of planned tests and resources, please visit the tests index page.)

Current tests and resources are also listed logically under their respective group headings in the menu on the left, together with the core site pages (click Tests Menu / Site Guide for access).


Current Tests and Resources, A-Z

Assertiveness Test
How effective are you standing up for yourself? This quick and easy free assertiveness personality test can reveal your current assertiveness level and what it means and also offers personalized guidance and advice for different situations at home and at work.

Empathy Test
Are you able to think intuitively about other people? Can you anticipate people’s wants, needs and behavior? Are you socially responsive, approachable and adaptable? This quick and easy free empathy personality test can reveal your current empathy level and what it means for your interpersonal relationships at home and at work.

Resource Center
The Resource Center brings together a collection of curated resources chosen especially to compliment our tests and to help expand your knowledge, understanding and life skills.

Schedule of Recent Experience
The Schedule of Recent Experience is designed to increase awareness of stressful events and their potential long term impact on health so that steps can be taken to reduce stress levels in our lives and to improve our well-being.

Stress Health Risk Test
The Stress Health Risk Test predicts the risk of developing stress related ill health in the near future. It indicates how hard an individual may have to work to stay healthy and gives advice on dealing with stress and managing stress risk.

Tricky Job Interview Questions and Answers e-Book
The thought of having to deal effectively with those pesky, difficult questions at interview can bring on a cold sweat for many job hunters. But it needn’t be like that. Psychologist and test author Peter Gerstmann’s practical and useful book goes beyond providing effective strategies and sample answers to difficult interview questions and is a complete guide to interview success. Banish feelings of fear and anxiety in interview, show your worth with confidence and get the job you want! Available to download immediately.

Well-Being Test
Are you realizing your potential? What is the level of your morale? Are you dealing with the stresses and pressures of life effectively? This quick and easy free psychological well-being test can reveal your potential for stress-free health, vitality, happiness and quality of life, and also offers personalized advice.


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Real Tests Online .com - learn more about yourself and others: personality tests, career / job tests, stress tests, relationship tests, psychometric tests.

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Real Tests Online .com aim to keep with the original spirit of the Internet, hence we promote free online tests - find out more about us and discover why…

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This page gives news and updates concerning the Real Tests Online .com site

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The privacy of our web site visitors and the security of their personal information is something we take very seriously. Here, we set out our privacy policy.

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Legal Notices, including copyright, limitations, disclaimer, and terms and conditions of use, regarding the Real Tests Online .com website.

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The tests index lists Real Tests Online .com tests alphabetically and also logically under their respective group headings.

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Points to the major Real Tests Online .com site pages and to all currently available tests, arranged logically under their respective group headings.

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